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Hjärna med händer- blog in Swedish

I am a teacher in sloyd and Swedish who is interested in craft and ICT as a tool for progress.

To me the name of this blog (Brain and hands) means to use both brain and hands to develop, and that this is a matter often forgotten in education today, especially as children get older.

Pedagogical sloyd is obligatory in Swedish elementary school, until the age of 15, and I  strongly believe that it is necessary for learners to develop all skills- not just the theoretical. Sadly there are often opinions in society that want to replace the work of the hand with technology instead of seeing that both ways of working can benefit learners.

This blog was born out of my wish to communicate  my thoughts to clear my head.

Slöjd 2.0- blogg for students (in Swedish)

This blog is meant to be a space where I gather educational videos, instructions and lesson plans for students to explore.

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